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Two common ways that investment management firms help their clients with their investments

Here are two common ways that investment management firms help their clients with their investments.

They help their clients with the diversification of their investment portfolios

Investment management firms often help their clients to diversify their investment portfolios. They may, for example, guide a client through the process of spreading their investments across multiple sectors, asset classes and geographical locations, with the goal of boosting the returns on these investments and minimising the risk of capital losses. When working with a client who wishes to diversify their portfolio, an investment management firm will typically evaluate the client's risk tolerance and financial goals, as well as their preferred investment horizon.

For example, if a client wants to create a diversified investment portfolio, their investment management team might suggest that they put 40% of their total capital into stocks and bonds, 30% into real estate and 30% into mutual funds. This diversification of the portfolio would mean the client wouldn't be heavily reliant on the performance of one particular investment to generate profit. If one or two of the sectors in which they've invested underperforms for a period of time, this will be less likely to have a major impact on their finances, because they'll have numerous other high-performing assets.

They help their clients to monitor and make adjustments to their investments

Investment management firms also help their clients to monitor their investments and to make adjustments to them. As part of this service, an investment management team might track the performance of companies in which a client has invested, evaluate economic indicators such as GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that could affect their client's investments, and monitor market trends. The advice an investment management firm offers its clients on this topic can make the process of navigating the complexities of investing less stressful for these individuals and give them the best chance of profiting from their investments.

If for instance, an investment manager notices a healthcare market trend that indicates that vitamin supplement companies are likely to grow rapidly in the near future, that manager might advise their client to adjust their portfolio so they can invest some of their capital in vitamin supplement stocks, so the client could potentially profit from this trend. Conversely, if an investment manager observes that, due to an economic downturn, one of a client's investment assets might begin to perform badly in the near future, they may suggest to that client that they sell that asset and reinvest in another one instead.

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